Is it true that solar power proposals are now spreading fast and larger all over the world? Today, the said proposal is threatening the coal generators in Melbourne. The proposal awaits the approval of the government that will realise the solar energy system in the area within this year, 2015. This is a multi million project that is now being fully financed that is now known to be ready for installation hoping that the new government will now approve it. Along with getting solor power to your home you should try getting a new solar powered pool fence by glass pool fences brisbane, they are experts at what they do.

These proposed solar farm from will change the usual non-renewable power resources developing it to a more affordable and environmental friendly resources. These solar farms are expected to provide almost 80 gigawatt-hours of electrical power in a period of one year. This is such a big contribution for the power supply of Melbourne that will be able to cover up the capacity of the coal fired power supply generators.

According to The Age, and Tony Tzouvelis the minister of the state coalition already sent a letter stating that the government owned PTV is already up for the project yet in one condition, that is to require the measurement of the availability against the natural gas and the brown coal that undeniably had given Victoria also a cheap energy resources. The project has the best benefit of maintaining the commuting cost to the public.

The target sites are in Mildura and Swan Hill that will reach across almost 80 hectares. The site for Swan Hill is now ready for a start yet the Mildura is still waiting for the process of getting a permit for the approval of the operations to get started. The work is expected to last for at least a half year of building the solar site completely. The starting project now has already spent a total of $3 million and will finish up costing $70 million dollars.

Comparing solar energy with coal mining really has a big difference when it comes to its total benefits for the nature and for the future. Solar energy will never exploit and abuse the nature instead it will just maximize what nature has to offer to mankind. Coal mining are now receiving so many complaints and rallies against the people in such communities that were affected by the air pollution of the coal mining industries that are now affecting their health and lifestyle.

This is the best time for these people to move and create a safer world within their rights and power. Natural resources are now running out and we have no longer way left to get these back. Nature is now taking revenge through calamities killing thousands of people around the world that is obviously caused by the natural resources abusive factors such as the coal mining. This is now the time that the world will see the comfort of the nature’s cradle when we get back to it. Sure, the future generation will thank you now for being a part of nature’s preservation.

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