Backpacking With Hammocks


As hammocks are gaining more popularity, most people are in need of information on backpacking hammocks as well as guidance on which is the best. If you are considering purchasing a hammock, the following tips are useful.

Weight– As most hammocks are used for outdoor ventures. It is important to buy a hammock that is light as you can easily pack it. If its main use is for camping, parachute hammocks are the best. They are extra light and can easily fit in your back pack. We love the hammocks from Blue Ridge Hammock Company because of their weight, durability, and easy storage.

Dimensions– A wide and long hammock is ideal if it is for sleeping in at night. This is because it has enough space for turning and adjusting in your sleep.

Capacity– When purchasing a hammock, consider how many people will use it. If it is more than one, then it should be wide, long and it will be a little bit heavier.

There are different types of hammocks for different uses. Some can be used at home while others are used for camping. Travel hammocks are mostly used by campers and travelers. These hammocks mostly come with mosquito nets and tarps. Depending on the distance of travelling and camping, it is critical to ensure that you backpack contains all essential items. Nothing should be left behind as weather changes are unpredictable.

When backpacking, ensure you have the following;

Straps– this are tied to the trees when hanging a hammock. It is advisable to always carry extra just in case the distance between the trees is longer than expected.

Carabiners– This are used for connecting a hammock with its straps. Climbing grade Carabiners are easily available and are ideal for hammocks.

Hammock– This is the key most important item as it for sleeping, resting, and sitting. In some cases you can carry a sleeping pad for comfort.



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